School Project

Donation plan

Please donate towards the following


  • 1 classroom £5000 construction


  • Sponsoring an orphan student - £40/month


  • Eid gifts £50


  • Student fee for 12 months -  £240/student

Since its birth, the nation of Pakistan's literacy rate had always been held in the lowest of the dominion. This, in particular applies to the most rural areas as there are no schools. The lack of basic education, or in some cases no education, is the root cause of poverty in these areas.


Our biggest  project with a vision of educating the younger generation of a village in Pakistan, Pind Dadan Khan is currently underway. Pind Dadan Khan is situated at a mere distance of only 200 kilometres from  the capital city of Islamabad. Despite being so close to the key financial hub, the atmosphere that prevails in the village is predominantly rural and a high level of illiteracy resides among the population.


Taking in consideration the importance of education, strategic placement of the village and the impact it may have on producing a well educated generation, Muslim Help is launching an appeal to establish and manage a state of the art school that will fulfil the basic quality educational needs.


The school will be targeting all children in the area but we are focusing primarily on orphan children education in the village.

The project will be completed in the following 2 Phases 


Purchasing of the land construction of school.


By the grace of ALMIGHTY and the support of our donors has given. Phase 1 has already been completed. The land has been purchased at the cost of £20,000, covering an area of 1 acre.

We are now starting Phase 2


The total cost of Phase 2 will be £200,000. You are requested to donate generously as the project is in desperate needs for your donations.

Water is the key to life


Hand pumps installations and well constructions in Pakistan & African countries


Access to clean water is a birthright, specially safe drinking water, of every human being but sadly.


One in five people in the developing countries still haven't got access to clean drinking water.. by bringing safe water to a village, we can improve the health of an entire community and prevent water related diseases, save lives.


Muslim help provides the necessary tools and delivers technical information to help poor villagers in accessing a safe, reliable water supply. A simple tube-well can keep everyone safe from lethal diseases and relieving the children of the village from travelling for hours to collect water. Allowing them to focus that time and energy on their education first


Save water Project

Donation plan

Please donate towards the following


  • Build a hand pump to supply safe & clean water for £150


  • Construct a well to bring clean water to a whole village £1,200


Iftar Meal & Eid Gift Project

Donation plan

Please donate towards the following


  • Zakat-ul-fitr - £4/person 

  • Fidya - £180.00/month  

  • Kaffarah £420.00 

  • Eid gift for family £80

  • Feed a family for a month £120


This Ramadan feed the poor


Food parcels & Eid gifts

Pakistan | India | Bangladesh & African countries


Muslim Help Ramadan feed the poor programme runs throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Food parcels are distributed to families and also delivers Eid gifts for children and needy people.


The needs of impoverished and struggling communities are especially highlighted during the month of Ramadan. With the help of our supporters, we provide essential food supply to those in need. the packs are designed to last families for the entire month. Each food pack is consisted of essential items in line with international nutritional standards. Not only just food packs, collective Iftars are also being held, bringing communities together to share the blessings of this special month.

Education Projects

Donation plan

Please donate towards the following



  • School bag filled with books for £25

  • Whole year education for a child for £240

  • Build a classroom for £5,000


Education for a better future of the poorest children

125 million children all over the world are denied the right to learn and yet, a good education is the best way to break the cycle of poverty. Without education, an individual can remain unable to support themselves and their families.


A good education stays with a child forever. It gives a source to earn living. Muslim help is running schools and training centres to provide essential support to the poor families and communities who has no access to education. We help them by providing stationary materials, books, equipment etc. as well as lessons. By improving the quality of education means improving the lifestyle and eradicate poverty.

Recycle Projects

Clothing Banks


Muslim help started collecting clothes in the early 2003’s and have since developed the clothes’ operation. Over the past 10 year (2007-2017) years, a fleet of collection vans in Nottingham and Bradford areas.


Money raised from clothes donations has helped people in various ways, enabling them to support themselves and their families. we have provided health care in pakistan, contributed to muslim help’s emergency response in the natural calamities, providing access to water in their local areas, providing food and education for the poor communities.


The collected clothes are sold and the money raised is used in funding the projects that are being run by Muslim Help. Last year, funds raised from clothes donations helped Muslim helps support schools for boys and girls in Pakistan,and supported orphans and orphan projects.


Alhamdulillah, all this has been possible by the grace of ALLAH SWT, our supporters and donors.


May ALLAH SWT accept from you. Ameen Ya Rabb.


For Bradford areas contact - Area Manager - 07583991680

For Midland areas contact - Area Manager - 07404176435

Please help us to find a display place for our clothes banks. Also we do accept your help by giving us the venue to display clothes



All the money raised by selling the clothes is invested back in the charity work.

Muslim help is committed in ensuring all the clothing items are thoroughly recycled. The remaining items that aren't sold/sent overseas are then being sold in our charity shop outlets to obtain funds that can be used back in the charity’s projects. With the government of United Kingdom's efforts on promoting recycle programme, we highly support this initiative and encourage all of our respected donors, members to help promote this environmental cause. Please do remind your family members, and communities to donate their unwanted clothing, foot-ware and other accessories that can benefit not only the economy but also will help the poor in the deprived areas in other parts of the world. Your donated clothes can save someone’s life.



We have over 30 clothing banks scattered across major towns and cities in the uk. Please a kind request, if you do wish to donate us the recyclable items, please if you can make sure that the bag(s) are in the bank as if they are left outside, also in some cases trespassers can rip the bag(s) open (and steal the items), making more serious hazards and a cleaning issue.


if you live in an area where there are no amwt clothing banks, you can still help by arranging a collection of 10+ bags (the more the better) and then call us to arrange for collection.


Please help us find new places for our clothing banks

We are always looking out for new sites for our clothing banks. Please if you do know of a mosque, community centre, school or a supermarket that would give us permissions to place a recycle bank on their premises, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to place our banks there so that we can all help raise more money for the developments of our projects as well as providing clothes to those in the need, by keep them fed and warm.

Donation line: 0115 752 5552 | 07890241335

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