About us

We are a UK based charity organisation (charity no. 1100456)


Registered 03rd November 2003

Muslim help is an international aid agency and Not-for-profit Organisation (NGO) that stemmed from the grassroots levels. Since it’s birth, we have responded to countless international emergencies, providing various kinds of support & help.

Whilst maintaining our core values of reacting swiftly towards the emergency situations, we have also been establishing long term projects such as schools, healthcare clinics and livelihood programmes worldwide. We have been able to distribute all aid in an effective, efficient, transparent and strictly accountable manners to make a positive difference to the communities we work with.

Muslim help has dedicated immense efforts in tackling the root causes of poverty around the world. We are not only passionate about working beyond the provisions of immediate relief but also towards supporting communities over the long-term periods.

Our Aim

To help people fight against poverty and illiteracy. Specially for those who are affected by natural calamities i.e. floods, earthquakes, hurricanes etc. and social disorders such as war, famine and poverty.




To provide advanced education to children in the poverty stricken areas so that they can work towards reducing poverty in their respective areas. To help them provide basic necessities such as food, water & shelter so that the upcoming younger generation can focus on getting education and help improve the quality of life individually and collectively.



A fight against poverty by education

Our Vision



Founded in November of 2003, Muslim Help is a UK  based charity striving to fight against poverty and hunger for the people across the world. The target is to provide food, shelter and education for the people in the areas affected by natural calamities and social disorders.



We are a charitable organization that is working in different parts of the world, mainly third world countries to fight against poverty and lack of education. We thrive on helping the needy that are affected. The effects of any calamities brought upon to individual people by sudden uncontrollable events, such as natural disasters or by the actions of other social disorders, such as war or other acts of violence caused by the political situations.

Our Work

Education & training

Supporting advancement in health services

Help improve life qualities

Prevention of poverty

Community development

Improvement of health care services

Overseas aid / famine relief

Religious activities

Economic / community development / employment


Children  & young people



The Mankind